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Ballet Forest Grove Memorial Dance Scholarship

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If you have questions please contact: Lenika Hutchens

In memory of a tragic event that took the life of two young girls whom loved to dance and FGDA_S1w_1544were performers of the local studio, the 2013 Nutcracker Performances were dedicated to the girls and family and funds raised were used to create a dance scholarship in their memory.  In less than a year, funds raised of $3,555 were tearfully and appreciatively co-awarded by the parent of the girls and president of BFG, to company students whom applied for varying scholarship
amounts. This scholarship is currently scheduled to be awarded every June and Ballet Forest Grove is honored to have the parents of Anna & Abby be a part of this special dance scholarship.

The entire month of October & November has now been designated yearly, to hold a “Heart Drive”, inspired by the Love Rocks, to help continue to raise funds to support the dance scholarship program from all whom would like to donate. Everyone can help keep the Love Rocks passing along year-round too, as inspired by the daughter’s mother, in her appreciation to the many whom have come to their families support.  The Parents inspiration and memory of their girl’s has spread across the world with the small and simple Love Rocks meant to give thanks and uplift one another with sweet memories.
Help share and continue to spread a Love Rock today.

You can now stop by the dance studio or call during the month of November, and donate a heart for $1.00 each or any amount your would like to contribute towards the scholarship fund.  You can also mail in your donation that is tax deductible.  See our Board tab for mailing address.  Thank you for your support.




Ballet Forest Grove Memorial Dance Scholarship

100% of all donated funds go directly to scholarships. FGDA_S1w_1540


Scholarship awards $6075 to our 2015 Recipients:

Abigail Lewis, Alaina-Rose McKinnon,
Alexy Kennedy, Ava Blake,
Courtney Bristow, Emelianna Fataua, Kathryn Dedrickson, Kaysie Burkhardt, 
Kyla Beutler, Lauren Nelson, Lily Lind,
Robin Evers, Viviana Bruno

Thank you to all our community supporters as we continue to make this a successful program.


The 2014 Spring Scholarship fund, Awarded a total of  $3,555 to the following Company Members:

Hailey New, Clarissa Tolan, Kate O'Day,
Malyssa Robles, Lauren Kness,
Reagan Petersen, Stephanie Cadd,
Alaina McKinnon, Paige Coppedge,
Viviana Bruno